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For the past 50 years, ChildStrive (formerly Little Red School House) has helped thousands of families imagine a different future for their children, by providing critically important family-centered early intervention programs.

At ChildStrive, our staff help advances the quality of life for ALL children, focusing primarily on children ages birth to three years with, or at risk of developmental delays and disabilities.

We provide services to all eligible families, regardless of their ability to pay.

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Family-Centered Early Intervention

At ChildStrive, families work one-on-one with a Parent Coach, in the child's natural learning environment, identifying learning opportunities in daily family routines such as bath time, mealtime, or during play. Each family creates a customized Individualized Family Service Plan with their Coach, outlining the specific early intervention goals.

ChildStrive uses an embedded Family Resource Coordinator (FRC) model – meaning all Parent Coaches are FRCs, i.e. community resource experts. This allows for continuity and for strong relationships between family members and their coach.

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Nurse Family Partnership- Click Here for Referral Form

Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) is an evidenced based home visitation program available for first time mothers, 25 years of age and under. Specially trained Community Health Nurses visit families in their home throughout the pregnancy and continue to visit until the child is 2 years old. The nurses visit weekly and bi-weekly during the pregnancy, infancy and toddler period. The education curriculum includes information during each phase of the development. This relationship based model builds on the parent’s strengths supporting the parent child relationship, healthy parent-child outcomes and goals for the future helping first time parents succeed. This program is free to eligible women.  Call 425.353.5656 for information.  Click Here for a local program handout (Spanish version) or check out the links below for more information about the National Nurse Family Partnership.

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Nurse Family Partnership

Program Overview

Nurses and Mothers

An Evidence Based Program

Parents as Teachers - Click Here for Referral Form

ChildStrive provides in-home parenting support to families who are facing homelessness or living in an unstable housing situation.  ChildStrive educators partner with parents to play, reflect and connect with community resources in order to support their child's kindergarten readiness.  The Parents as Teachers program is an evidence based parenting curriculum that has benefitted families for more than 30 years.  Our three key areas of emphasis are:  parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting and family well-being.  Enrolled families can expect visits from ChildStrive educators twice a month in their homes.  The program also provides socialization and shared learning groups for parents and children.  Additional information about ChildStrive's program can be found here

Parents as Teachers is an international non-profit organization that promotes early childhood education and supports the early childhood field with training, curricula, resources and advocacy.

Parent Coaching

Learn about our program model

Children ages birth to three years old, learn through their primary relationships and through exploring their own environment. Parent Coaching in natural learning environments exploits what infants and toddlers' brains are naturally programmed to do. When parents integrate learning intentionally into typical daily routines, infants and toddlers make more progress and make it more quickly than in any other model. Parents who know their children well, and who feel confident to support their development as infants and toddlers have closer relationships with their children for their entire lives: they are stronger advocates and are more satisfied with their parenting. Coaching is the most effective means of achieving these important early intervention outcomes. For more resources and information about the Parent Coaching model, click here.

Play and Learn Group Opportunities

ChildStrive offers a variety of Free or low cost Parent /Caregiver and Child Play & Learn Groups. These groups are a great way to meet other parents/caregivers and learn new skills to support your child with developmental delays or disabilities. All Play & Learn Groups are open to children birth to five of all abilities, community based, and designed to meet the developmental needs of all children.

Click Here to see current play group opportunities.

Parent Classes

ChildStrive is currently offering Hanen "It Takes Two to Talk" classes. This popular program was developed by The Hanen Centre and is recognized around the world for its research into how parents and caregivers communicate with their children and how the communication skills of children with language delays can improve by involving the most important people in a child's life. Learn more about The Hanen Center at Ask your FRC or call 425-353-5656 for current class information.

Read the Hanen brochure | View more Parent Resources

ChildStrive offers Parent-Infant Groups for families with children who have an IFSP. The groups are designed to be a support and informational group for parents of infants with developmental delays. Babies are welcome to attend the group until they are walking and ready to join other social play groups. The 90-minute sessions include play time, movement, sensory/art, snack time and music. Siblings may attend and we try to include them in fun activities.  To find out more about the Parent Infant Groups contact your FRC or call 425-353-5656.   

Outreach Program

In 2003, ChildStrive expanded its mission to include outreach services to children birth to three at risk for developmental delays. In this outreach program, children in local homeless shelters, transitional housing, and childcare settings are screened in an effort to identify those children who are falling behind their peers. The objective of ChildStrive's outreach program is to increase the likelihood that children in transition will be successful in school by improving their readiness to learn.

Service Area

ChildStrive staff work with families living in Snohomish County and North King County, Washington. ChildStrivecontracts with six local school districts, the Snohomish County Division of Developmental Disabilities, and the Washington State Infant/Toddler Program, and provides extensive outreach and early intervention services for at risk children living in local homeless shelters, and children living on the Tulalip Indian Reservation.

Family Resources

Our community is rich with resources for families. We hope the following links and phone numbers are helpful in your search for information, support networks, and local resources. View more

Parent Feedback

How are we doing? You can contact us directly or download our Parent Feedback Form and mail in anonymously to our Leadership Team.

Share Your Story

As a parent or guardian of a child who has received services at Little Red School House, you have the unique opportunity to share your family's experience and success stories with others. By telling your story, you are helping community members understand why it is so important to support Little Red programs. Click here to download an "Our Story" form.

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"Our son was diagnosed with Autism, and started at Little Red when he was 18 months old. Little Red staff helped ME a lot - showing me ideas and ways to work with my son. It was so nice to have people to communicate with on a daily basis. By the time he was approaching age three, he had made significant progress and all of his teachers and therapists were simply amazed!"

- ChildStrive Parent